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Dolce gabbana's the one cologne Wedding Party Dresses Australia While we men try to slap on some cologne before a wedding or a baby shower, our female counterparts take the time to lather themselves with the sweet smelling scent that makes our hearts fill with desire.Dolce gabbana's the one has brought back the notion of the perfect cologne, to the days where chivalry and finely tuned men with tucked in shirts were all the rage. For a cologne to be called"The one", it must be pretty damn good, quite frankly.This sweet and spicy combination of scents consists of a dash of tobacco with pure garnishes of ginger, cedarwood, cardamom and citrus spice accord.This cologne, which was created by perfumer olivier pulge, packs a punch that will leave you wanting more.Just one spray will leave it lingering on your body for hours, even after you shower, creating a stimulating effect of aromas that is sure to please any female in the vicinity. Just ask gq magazine, which rated dolce and gabbana's the one, (more Evening Dresses Australia here) the number one cologne in the united states.With a simple maroon, wood finish on the cap and a spherical, crystalline exterior, the bottle design is simplistic yet dangerous.Once you take your first spray you'll never want to switch colognes again, the effect is just so overwhelming it's like an addiction to grilled chicken, healthy but a little weird. Upon receiving this cologne as a christmas gift in december, i now refuseTouse any other cologne when my resourceful bottle is exhausted.The attraction from other parties is phenomenal, on a normal day i get everything from"Dude, you smell great! "To"Whoa, Bridesmaid Dresses Online who's smelling so good? "The gift set in itself is just another level of greatness;With the aftershave and the deodorant stick, there is no need for an over popularized and overrated"Axe effect. " You may be thinking, how is this cologne so great?For one, the scent in itself will match almost any personality with no recurring effects.It fits everyone from the working businessman to the surfer catching waves on the california coast.So for all those female shoppers out there looking for the perfect scent for their loved one without wanting to be bombarded by fragrance specialists and their nauseating scents, this is simply one less thought out decision that will save you time and energy.

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